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Administrative Staff

Members 2007-08:
Carolyn Rude, Chair; Nancy Metz, Associate Chair; Cheryl Ruggiero, Assistant Chair; Joe Eska, Director of Graduate Studies; Diana George, Director of Composition Studies; Ginney Fowler, Director of Literature, Language, and Culture; Ed Falco, Director of Creative Writing; Jim Dubinsky, Director of Professional Writing; Cathy Skinner, Undergraduate Advising

The Administrative Staff do not form a committee, but they meet regularly to share information about activities, events, and issues within specific programs by way of planning, communicating, and sharing resources.

2007-08 Meeting Minutes

031908 meeting


2006-07 Meeting Minutes

08-30 Searches, Assessment, Speakers...
09-27 Study Abroad, UG Conference, Engaging Students
1-29-07 Co-Req courses, CW requirements change, capstones, UGconf
2-26-07 Advising, course request, prerequisites

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