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Committee members 2011-12:
Sheila Carter-Tod - Chair, Jennifer Lawrence, ex officio, Julie Mengert, ex officio, Suzanne Reisinger, ex officio; Jared Gibbs; Andy Lautenschlager; Kathy Combiths; Sara Crickenberger; Sean Conaway; Katrina Powell; Ashley Hughes, MA/MFA Rep.; Cynthia Fields, PhD Rep

Committee Charge

2014-15 Composition Committee Minutes

3/2 UGRC submission; revision of textbook companion reader; instructor forum on open textbooks; Blue Ridge Writing Symposium rescheduled
12/1 Blue Ridge Writing Symposium; GTA Advisor positions (2) open after spring 2015; grad student report on Maryland Conf. on Academic and Professional Writing; comp sections full, capped at 18
10-06 Blue Ridge Spring Symposium; administrative structure reductions; Readings for Writing at Virginia Tech; revised WPA outcomes; Maryland conference

2011-12 minutes

2010-11 minutes

2009-10 minutes



9/8/08 Newsletter, Visitors
10/20/08 Course Scheduling, Lauer's Visit, Comp. Book website

2007-2008 (all in Shanks 242, 12:30)

09.12.07 Writing Center Announcements, The Celebration of Student Authors, Comp textbook
10.03.07 Textbook Committee, Academic Alert Program, Programmatic Assesment
10.17.07 Assessment, Writing Sample Ideas
02.01.08 UG Conference, Speakers, Textbook



10-20 H1204 course desc., comp. text new edition, end of term follow-up survey
9-8 Assessment, Honors Comp., Upcoming Events
9-1 H1204, Faigley visit, handbook, assessment
12-7 Planning for Compostion Handbook
1-22 Program assessment, Composition Text, 1st Year Comp. Requirements

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