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Graduate Committee

Dan Mosser, Chair; Sally Wieringa, ex officio, Ed Falco, ex officio, Paul Heilker, ex officio; Gena Chandler, Bernice Hausman, Lucinda Roy, Kaitlin Clinnin(EGSO)


2011-12 minutes

2010-11 minutes

2009-10 minutes

2008-09 minutes


8.23 MA course proposals, panel discussions, fall agenda items
9.19 Selected MA courses
11.31 Student Awards, Re-organize the Committee Structure
11.07 MA, MFA, and PhD Programs' Statements
12.05 Restructuring Plan
1.18 Awards and panels, Governance Issues
3.21 Panels, Graduate Courses
4.18 Award Winners


8.30 Goals
9.20 Travel grants, course proposals, web pages
10.18 Discussions on M.A. program
11.29 Discussions on M.A. program
1.24 MA Program, Literature Offerings, Surveys, etc.
3.14 Grad. conference, recommedations made from external program review and exit interviews

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