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Instructor Concerns

Committee members 2014-15:
Tony Colaianne, Chair; Jen Mooney, ex officio; Lissa Bloomer, Sara Crickenberger, Andy Lautenschlager, Leslie Neilan, Steve Oakey

Committee Charge

2015-16 Minutes

10/7 Findings of inquiry re instructor hiring across the college; discussion of career ladder, concern about Beyond Boundaries, announcement of Instructor Forum on Canvas
9/14 Committee charge; discussion of instructor career ladder, restricted/adjunct instructors, VT Faculty Handbook policies

2014-15 Minutes

11/12 Effectiveness of open meetings; Arthurian Lit course grant; Pathways; mentors, teaching evals; promotions

2011-12 Minutes Combined

2010-11 Minutes Combined

2009-10 minutes


9/22 Year's agenda; Instructor Promotion schedule, workshops
10/13 Budget cuts and instructors; career path deadlines; fall potluck
11/14 Coping strategies for current budget crisis
2/11/09 Plans—panel on instructor research; pizza after dept mtg Feb 25; Nancy's party Apr 17


11/6 monthly brownbags; FAR evaluation criteria
2/26 FAR procedures and reports, CLAHS review of instructor dossiers, supporting next year's promotion applicants


4/6 Guidelines for Inst. Promotion Dossiers
3/23 Workshopped personal statement
2/9 Teaching Without Tenure book and Instructor Promotion Document
1/19 Instructor Career Path, Constitution of Review Committees
11/15 Instructor Career Path, Promotions, Cook Counseling Center
9/20 Pat Hyer visit, university policy, career path
9/13 Faigley visit, ePortfolios, grants workshop, Career Path proposal
8-23 Goals
6-22 Instructor Career Path: university governance

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