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Literature and Language Committee

Virginia Fowler, Chair; Victoria LeCorre, ex officio; Gena Chandler-Smith, Katherine Cleland, Jared Gibbs, Peter Graham, Nancy Metz, Ashley Reed, Undergraduate Rep.

Committee Charge

2015-16 minutes

10/07 Announcement of speakers, student ambassadors, discussion of annual undergraduate research conference/symposium; selection of senior seminars
09/23 Student rep introduction; Scholar Series schedule announcement, call of Scholar Series suggestions; discussion of enrollments
09/09 Report on enrollments; report on law school applications; student rep search for LL, ENGL 4684 Special Topics cancellation; call for author courses/senior seminars; Visiting Speakers Series announcement

2014-15 minutes

04/10 Martin Award rankings; book order discussion (course proposal stipulates texts, but faculty member may select editions)
04/03 Low enrollments, increased majors; nominations for Feast of Words profile; course proposals for Reading and Writing About Illness, six revised linguistics proposals
02/20 LL speaker series: Paul Russell on Ovid, Howard Ramsby on Black Arts Movement; Charles Martin announcement; course bullet revisions
02/13 Visiting Scholar possibilities; review of linguistics course proposals (five new proposals); revision of course bullets
01/30 Discussion of Narrative Medicine; Legends of Camelot online course proposal; Geffrey Davis and event attendence; request for Visiting Scholars, Emerging Scholars
12/05 LL checksheet approved--contextualized approach replaces surveys, new Literary Periods in context req; UG and LL collaboration on 1000-level courses; consideration of "Writing, Violence, and Nonviolence"
11/14 1000-level proposals; 2017 L&L major option checksheet, now 39 hrs.; planning for Pathways Minors to begin spring 2015
10/31 Emerging Scholar; enrollment numbers; 1000-level proposals, Lit and Medicine minor proposal; 2016 checksheet for literature track
10/17 dean's concerns, Women & Minority Artists Lecture Series Fund; Emerging Scholar Series; 1000-level proposals; Pre-Ed & Pre-Law checksheets (hrs. reduced to 39)

2011-12 Combined Minutes

2010-11 Combined Minutes

2009-10 Combined Minutes

2008-09 minutes

10/14 summer reading camp committee; selection of senior seminars, author courses and special topics courses for 2009-10
10/28 Course revisions: 3354, 4024; visits of Dr. Sandy Seay and Ralph Cohen; proposal for a special study on Harry Potter; proposal for a 3000-level grammar course
11/04 course request and low participation in advising; ePortfolio co-req course; proposal for ENGL 4024; BHS internships; Cultural Studies major and minor checksheets

2007-08 minutes

8/29 Welcome reception, Paul Douglas visiting speaker, new scholars program, hiring hopes, ETF, senior seminars, increased enrollment, assessment plan, Women & Minorities Visiting Scholars
9/12 New Renaissance position, Assessment Plan
9/26 Design of Cultural Studies and the Literature Minors
10/10 Rivka Swenson's talk, Senior Seminar topics
10/24 e-portfolios and assessment, Lit. minor requirements
11/14 Review of Checksheets
1/23/08 Visitors, Martin Awardli
2/6/08 UG Conference
3/19/08 Visiting scholars, expanded internship possibilities at BHS, Study Abroad, linguistics courses for pre-ed students
3/26/08 Martin Prize, pre-law panel, "Emerging Scholar" program
4/23/08 BHS internships, using checksheets to encourage study abroad, language/linguistics for pre-ed, Emerging Scholar plans for 08-09, Reading Group outreach?, plans for next year

2006-07 minutes

09/20 Announcements, LLC Visiting Scholars, Undergraduate Conference
10/11 LLC Speakers, Senior Seminar Proposals, Documents on web
10/25 Upcoming Speakers, Student Learning
11/7 Special topics/authors proposal, review revised glossary, course rotation
1/22 Course schedule, 08 checksheets approved, senior seminars, Salaita's celebration
2/5 Task Force on Enrollments, Charles Martin Award, Program Assessment
3/19 Annoucements, Hiring Plan, LLC Newsletter, Course Proposal
4/2 Martin Award, Goals, Hiring goals

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