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MA Committee

Charlene Eska (Chair), Katie Carmichael, Ginney Fowler, Tom Gardner, David Radcliffe

MA Committee Charge

The MA Committee is responsible for the general administration of the MA degree in English. It is chaired by the Director of the MA Program, who is appointed by the Chair of the department. It is composed of five faculty members of professorial rank, inclusive of the Director of the MA Program. At least two of the remaining four members of the committee must be of tenured rank. Three are elected by the MA faculty and one is appointed by the Chair of department. One non-voting student representative is elected by the MA students from their population. The Graduate Program Staff Specialist also serves as a non-voting, ex officio member of the committee and may attend meetings as necessary.

The MA Committee is charged with calling for proposals for MA courses to be taught in the succeeding year, establishing policy for the program, evaluating and selecting candidates for admission to the program and for GTA positions within the program, selecting winners for the MA student composition teaching award (in consultation with the Director of Composition) and the MA independent study/thesis award, and gathering assessment data.

2015-16 minutes

09/22 Student rep introduction; selection of courses for 2017-18
09/01 Student representative sought; WEAVE assessment of 'conduct and complete research' outcome planned; course enrollments--& potential 5024 (Theory) move to spring--discussed; 2017-18 course proposals sought, due 9/15

2012-13 minutes

2011-12 minutes

2009-10 minutes

2010-11 minutes

Minutes 10/4/2010

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