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Professional and Technical Writing

Committee members
Carlos Evia, Chair; Jen Barton (ex officio), Traci Gardner, Kevin Lewis, Jennifer Sano-Franchini, Amanda Wright Cron (student rep)

Committee Charge

Professional and Technical Writing Minutes 2015-16

9/23 Student rep introduction; announcement of curricular changes; discussion of strategies for enrollment growth; guest speaker for Spring 2016

2011-12 minutes


Minutes 2010-11

2010-11 minutes


Minutes 2009-10

2009-10 minutes


Minutes 2008-09

2008-09 minutes
8/27 Goals, student and alum database
10/29 Internships, checksheet revisions, research definition
11/19 Checksheet revisions (electives); ePortfolios


Minutes 2007-08

8/07 3000-level Intercultural communication course, Advising Open House, Assessment, Tom Martin
10/26 Visiting Speaker: Tom Martin, Summer Course Proposals, Potential Speakers
11/5 Course Schedule Issues, Assessment Plan, Guest Speakers
1/14 Panel of former students; Bruce Margon visit Mar 19, 20; Assessment; course approval; strategic plan
2/4 Panel of alums; Margon publicity; Undergrad research conf--submission selections; rubric for design assignments; program priorities
2/25 Visitors, e-portfolio
3/17 Bruce Margon, Priorities
4/7 Course Requests

Minutes 2006-07

8/30 Program Speaker: Hampton Sides, Program Newsletter
9/13 Newsletter, Undergraduate Conference, Assessment
9/27 Newsletter, Undergraduate Research Conference, Assessment, Advisees
10/18 Author Hampton Sides, Program Assessment
11/29 Assessment Materials for English 3104
2/20 Website, alumni database, service courses
3/27 Robert Dedman Jr Prize, PW Speakers

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