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Committee members 2014-15:
Virginia Fowler (chair); Kaye Graham, advising (ex officio); Carlos Evia(PW), Matt Vollmer(CW), Gena Chandler(LL), Sheila Carter-Tod (Comp), Abby Walker (Ling), Mark Armstrong (instructor)

Committee Charge

2015-16 Minutes

9/16 Introduction of student rep; discussion of lit history courses, including common assignments, writing requirements, and texts
9/2 Engl 2624 Reading and Writing Across English Studies approval; review of Writing and Digital Media, several linguistics courses; evaluation of learning objectives and program outcomes, program assessment

2014-15 Minutes

4/30 Possible revisions to Science Writing; Assessment plan, including revisions to mission statement and learning outcomes, discussion of measurement;
4/16 New linguistics courses approved & LS minor checksheet revision forthcoming; Mission Statement; student learning outcomes vs. program outcomes
4/2 Enrollment low, but majors increased; future of UG Research Conference; Hausman report on CLE
3/19 Review of ENGL 3734: Writing About Illness; assessment plan & new/revised learning outcomes
2/19 Review of ENGL 3844: Writing and Digital Media; assessment plan
2/5 New major checksheets, courses approved; report on majors w/ more than one option; revision of ENGL 3844; consideration of Peace Studies and Violence Prevention; Narrative Medicine approved; discussion of program assessment
12/3 Student Learning Outcomes requested by Assessment and Evaluation; review of ENGL 3844 (Writing and Digital Media) and ENGL 4824 (Science Writing) revisions; 1000-level course proposal reviews; 2017 checksheet review
10/22 Checksheet approval, Narrative Medicine minor proposal, 3844 Writing and Digital Media Proposal, Writing minor discussion, major exit interview discussion, UGRC Halloween Kickoff
10/1 Major numbers, core revision, review of course proposals

2011-12 Minutes Combined

UG AY 2010-11 Final Minutes and Annual Report

2010-11 minutes combined

2009-10 minutes combined

2008-09 meeting minutes

9/10 Career Expo / Leadership Weekend Sept 26-27
Committee description and composition
proposed agenda items; senior exit survey
10/1 Report on Career Expo/Leadership Weekend;
Exit surveys
Approved 3 LLC Course Proposals, UG Advising Award nominations, ePortfolio template

2007-08 meeting minutes

9/7 1st meeting, agenda items
9/14 Proposals, mission statement, career planning
9/22 Advising calendar, Grad. School Checklist, Mission Statement, UG Conf. Open House
10/26 College's outreach efforts in public schools, options outreach, revised grad. school checklist
11/16/07 Undergraduate Leadership Conference, LLC minor checklist
11/30/07 ePortfolio, Graduate School Prep.
01/28/08 Undergraduate research success;
Sigma Tau Delta membership, advisors, program;
ePortfolio Pilot Project workshop schedule and conference presentation; Skinner on Academic Advising Council; Chandler's Diggs Scholar presentation; approval of Ethnic Literature, checksheets for minors; ME technical electives proposal; Guided Pathways proposal
2/11/08 Sigma Tau Delta: 60 members; Career Leadership Day plans; Honors Colloquia; Guided Pathways and Vertical Writing Program initiatives
3/10/08 Check Sheets and UG Conference
2/25/08 Advisors and eportfolios
MAED; proposal for Writing Center Theory and Practice; Career/Leadership Day plans
3/12/08 Study Abroad (Steven Duke, guest); ug conference submission limit
4/21/08 Sigma Tau Delta internships at BHS; Career Leadership Weekend plans; announcements: Academic Advisory Council, Catalog description review, UG speakers for commencement; UNIV designation for study abroad course; study abroad

2006-07 meeting minutes

8-29 Assessment Subcommittee: Initiatives for 2006-07 (options, comp, alumni)
9-05 Charge and Agenda items
9-18 Undergraduate Conference, ePortfolio Seminar, Alumni Survey
10-9 Announcements, Review of Assessment Documents
10-23 Meeting w/Ray Van Dyke for program assessment
11-6 Meeting w/Mike Ellerbrock, Senior Exit
12-4 Announcements, English Major Goals
1-24 Announcements, Honors and English, UG Conference
2-7 Commencement, UG Reader, SACS QEP, Approved request to teach WC Theory & Practice
2/21 Senior Exit Survey
3/14 Annoucements, conference update, communication plan, UG/Teaching Committees merging
3/21 Diversity workshop, senior exit surveys, Inst. Awards

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