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PhD Committee

Kelly Pender, chair; Sheila Carter-Tod, Carlos Evia, Bernice Hausman, Paul Heilker, Katy Powell, Quinn Warnick, Jennifer Sano-Franchini, Laura Collins (student rep)

PhD Committee Charge

The PhD Committee is responsible for the general administration of the PhD degree in Rhetoric and Writing (RW). It is composed of faculty who teach in the RW program and/or advise RW students and volunteer for service on an as-needed basis. It is chaired by the Director of the PhD Program, who is appointed by the Chair of the department. One non-voting student representative is elected by the PhD students from their population. The Graduate Program Staff Specialist also serves as a non-voting, ex officio member of the committee and may attend meetings as necessary.

The PhD Committee works with the Director to develop and co-ordinate courses to support the degree program, establish policy and procedures for the program, evaluate and select candidates for admission to the program, gather assessment data about the program, and generate programming to foster the intellectual and professional development of RW faculty and students.

2015-16 minutes

9/25 Consideration of student professionalization group; reestablishment of Director of Placement position; deliberation over recruitment efforts, curriculum changes; creation of Twitter account

2014-15 minutes

11/17 Common list for preliminary exams

2009-10 minutes

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