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This page will guide you in following the department and state procedures for funding official travel and food for department activities. Also use the links to the right of the page to find state rates for reimbursement and a fuller description of department and university policies.

Travel Information and Forms

To request official travel, including support and reimbursement, you must complete three forms for each trip.

Please download and complete the forms online. Then sign and give to Judy Grady.

Supporting documents: To be reimbursed, you must submit ALL boarding passes, your itinerary, and receipts for ALL airlines, trains, and busses. If you travel by personal car, you must explain why you did not use a Fleet Services car.

  1. Request for Travel Funds

    Faculty: Deposit this form in your Scholar dropbox. (Click on the "My Active Sites" tab and look for "English-Travel") Look up approved rates for lodging and meals here. The Advisory Committee uses the collected forms to determine how much travel money may be available to each faculty member. This form is not your official request to travel.

    Graduate Students: submit this form to the Director of Graduate Studies for consideration by the Graduate Committee. Allow at least three weeks before you travel for the approval process. The Graduate Committee will seek evidence that you have applied for support from the Graduate Student Assembly Travel Fund. Department funding is not automatic.

    MFA Students traveling to AWP may be supported for up to $350 by the MFA program. Contact Erika Meitner for information. You still need to complete the travel approval and request for reimbursement forms. Apply to the Graduate Committee for all other travel.

  2. Travel Estimate and Approval Form

    Submit this form to Judy before you travel. Use a separate form for each trip. Judy will encumber a specific amount for your trip. You can't go to step 3 (reimbursement) until you have completed this form. This is an external form.

    See the state reimbursement rates for lodging and meals to know how much you can claim for a specific location. Please note: Lodging rates higher than the allowable state rate for that city must be PRE-APPROVED in Richmond. Please submit a request in plenty of time to get it to the VT controller, who will then send the request to Richmond, who will then send it back to us.

  3. Request for Travel Reimbursement

    Submit this form to Judy with your travel receipts. Please note that your lodging receipt must show a zero balance. You must submit boarding passes as well as your airline ticket receipt. Credit card receipts are not adequate.
    Submit your expenses for reimbursement within 30 working days after the trip is completed.

Food purchases and reimbursements

We cannot buy food from our operating account (public funds) for most events other than spring commencement. Some exceptions are possible, but they must be approved in advance, and lists of participant names must be kept.

Reimbursement for food purchases will be authorized only for purchases approved in advance of the event. Use the approval form before the event and the reimbursement form with receipts and participant names after the event.

Food policy and forms

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