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"The Young Men of the Academy" in Glimmer Train. (forthcoming)

"Winter Wedding" in Tampa Review. (forthcoming)

"This Charming Man" in Barrelhouse.

"Advanced Placement Essay #3, Free Response," at The Normal School.

"Dog Lover" in Willow Springs (forthcoming). Also "Notes" about the story and reading here

"The Ones You Want to Keep" (excerpt here) in Unstuck.

"Gary" at PANK.

"The Holes" in Cold Mountain Review.

"No News Today," at Robert Lopez's blog.

"Bodies" in r.kv.r.y.

"Probation" in Epoch.

"Freebleeders" in Pacific Review.

"Stewards of the Earth" at Five Chapters

"Fighting It" in Eyeshot.

"Scoring" in Antioch Review.

"Future Missionaries of America" in Epoch. (Read excerpt at the NEA website.)

"Man-o’-War" in Colorado Review

"Straightedge" in Salt Hill.

"Thinking of You" in Confrontation.

"The Digging" in The Portland Review.

"Light Work" in NC3.

"Second Home" in Fugue.

"Will & Testament" in Gulf Coast.

"The Ghost of Bob Ross Paints Shit Town" in Sweet Fancy Moses

"Adolescence" in Pindeldyboz.

"The Gospel of Mark Schneider" in Virginia Quarterly Review.

"The Black Twins" in Pindeldyboz.

"Into the Heartland" in Maize.

"Interview with a Man with Two Heads" in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.

"Two Women" in Tin House. (Read an excerpt here.)

"The Last Blog" in PRISM International.

"Oh Land of National Paradise, How Glorious Are Thy Bounties" in Paris Review. Listen to an excerpt here.

"Watchman, Tell Us of the Night" in New Letters.






























































"Epitaph XXXIII." VINYL.

"Epitaph 34," "Epitaph 35," & "Epitaph 55" in Passages North.

Epitaph IX (excerpt) at New England Review.

Epitaph XX at Berfrois.

"If I Should Ever Lose My Mind" in The Sun.

"Keeper of the Flame" in New England Review.

Epitaph XIV at Hobart.

"Epitaph 11" and "Epitaph 14" in LUMINA.

"Epitaph 3," "Epitaph 41" and "Epitaph 47" in Hayden's Ferry Review.

"Epitaph 4," "Epitaph 28," and "Epitaph 55" in The Pinch Journal.

"Reconciliations with a Plagiarist" in Grist.

"Epitaph 34" in Ghost Town.

"NeVer ForgeT" in Ecotone.

"Epitaph 17" and "Epitaph 33" in PANK.

"Epitaph 5," "Epitaph 19," and "Epitaph 40" in Phoebe. (forthcoming)

"Epitaph 2," "Epitaph 7," and "Epitaph 9" in Fringe.

"Epitaph 45" at Dark Sky Magazine. Also, a spotlight on yrs truly.

"Epitaph 54" at The Collagist.

"Epitaph 26" in Carolina Quarterly.

"Epitaph 25" at elimae.

"Epitaph 37" & "Epitaph 38" at DIAGRAM.

"The Legend of Wookieback: A Feat of Space Exploration," at Barrelhouse.

"Ode to a Soda Fountain" (essay) in Oxford American.


















































































Conversation with Mark Derks at VINYL.

InConversation (with Weston Cutter) at The Brooklyn Rail.

Interviewed by Marcus McDonald at The Minnesota Review.

Interviewed by Janalyn Guo at Unstuck.

"Where My Body Will Likely End Up" (interview) at The Collagist.

On Crafting Short Stories.(Interviewed by Art Taylor)

Interview on Blogginbindoggins.

“Knowable in the Smallest Fragment”: An Interview with George Saunders via GutCult.